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For Individuals

You are looking for a team of people who have the maturity, professionalism, and focus to help you solve your problem. We combine simple education, practical fitness, and professional mentorship to help you feel confident being active, have peace of mind exercising, and make these the best years of your life, sustainably.

For Coaches

We developed AL-P so that you can work with people you are inspired to help, earning money that sets you free, with a schedule that keeps you fresh. Learn how to do that while helping people reclaim and expand their physical freedom. The AL-P is the healthcare provider of the future.

For Gym Owners

You got into the gym business because you wanted to make an amazing living doing meaningful work that changes peoples' lives. You now realize that to do that you need dedicated, professional, full time staff delivering world class support to your clients. You’re not sure how to best build that, and that’s why you’re here. You came to the right place. 

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