The Coach's Business Boot Camp (REOPENED!)

We recently ran a 10-day Coaches Business Boot Camp where one attendee received a full scholarship to AL-P. This was a HUGE success. Not only did the boot camp fill to capacity in 48 hours, but the student success was nuts, too!

Even though the live boot camp is over, because of how successful it was, we’re releasing all of the call recordings and content from the business boot camp to help coaches like you build your coaching businesses. 

Although the winner of the AL-P scholarship has already been announced, we’ve decided to grant a few more partial scholarships to coaches who complete the 10-day boot camp.

In this 10-day boot camp, you'll learn:

  • How to identify the high-value problems that your clients are currently dealing with
  • How to create a marketing message to attract your ideal clients
  • How to charge more than double what others in your market charge (and how to get people to say ''yes''
  • What a legitimate business for a coach looks like, and how to create one for yourself


The boot camp is set up to run over ten days. Each day will consist of an email with some education in various formats like podcasts, videos, and ebooks. Most days, you will also get homework to ensure you can successfully implement what you are learning.


Today’s exercise was perfect timing, I ended up having 3 unexpected calls with prospective clients…It was honestly great because two were old clients finally read to commit so I was able to go through it with ease and get to the pain points and have a good conversation.

Jane Doe Bootcamp Attendee

[The bootcamp] caused me to take a big step back and look at how I phrased questions to help lead prospects down a path to understand their options.

Jane Doe Bootcamp Attendee

I just used my ethical sales skills to book a new client today. Starting off with 12 sessions, potentially 24! Thank you for the boot camp. It was just what I needed as a kick start and I can’t wait to work with you call soon!

Jane Doe Bootcamp Attendee

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