Active Life Team



In this 5 day boot camp, you'll learn:

  • How to identify the high-value problems that your clients are currently dealing with
  • How you can help your staff start selling personal training immediately on their own
  • How to charge more than double what others in your market charge (and how to get people to say ''yes'')
  • How to double your revenue without doing challenges, giveaways, or gimmicky marketing tactics
  • How to recruit, develop, and incentivize full time staff
  • What the Active Life Business Model is and how to implement it in your gym


  • Monday, May 15th through Friday, May 19th
  • There will be live calls each day from 2pm-3pm EST
  • The calls will be recorded, and are not mandatory to be on, however, it is highly encourage that you attend

Your Host

Larry Gaier
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