Attention Gym Owners

It's time that you built the business you are proud to own.

Gym owners enrolled in the pro path mentorship create profitable businesses offering professional careers for their staff, life changing outcomes for their clients, and lead positive change in their communities.

Pro path has separate tracks for small gym owners like group fitness facilities, and large gym owners with personal training departments.

Get To Know Pro Path


Step 1 - Discovery

You share your priorities and goals to help us determine if we're a good fit to help.


Step 2 - Foundational Phase 

You help us learn where your business is, and where it needs to be - we build a plan to close the gap together.


Step 3 - Evolving the Model

Learn to execute the step-by-step process of how to transition to the Active Life Model to become a professional and inspiring 


Step 4 - Growing Your Business

Establish a leadership team that runs (and scales with) your business. You'll employ professional coaching staff that can solve problems others can't.


Step 5 - Maturing Your Business

Increase brand awareness in your local marketplace as the facility that allows people to reclaim their active lives, restore faith in themselves, and gain physical freedom. 


Step 6 - Contribution

With your new-found freedom of time, we'll help you mentor other gyms, and add a further revenue stream to your business. 

Fast track new clients...

... with this free questionnaire

Take the guesswork out of client onboarding

The Active Life New Client Onboarding Questionnaire is designed to help you determine how many personal training sessions a new client may need during their onboarding phase. 

Download your fully editable
template now for you to customize and use in your own facility.

Our clients say it better than we do...

Dave Rubin

Courage Fitness

Dave Rubin, owner of Courage Fitness Durham, ran a successful gym for nearly a decade. But after Covid hit he wanted to examine if he could make his gym operate even better.

Mike Demarco

Motives Movement

Mike DeMarco, owner of Motives Movement had to face the pandemic head on as a gym owner. For years his business was a "successful hobby" but never a professional, profitable business. With gyms shut down across the country, He had two choices: shut down for good, or make radical change and try to save his business.

Don Murphy

Don Murphy

Gold's Gym

Don Murphy, franchisee of Gold's Gym in Newburgh and Middletown, talks about the impact that Pro Path mentorship has had on their company, their coaches and everyone that commits themselves to excellence for their clients.

Welcome To Your New Advisory Board

Get to know the Pro Path team at Active Life. They are ready to transform your business!
Mary Banks

Chief Strategy Officer

Mary Banks

pro path mentor

Cody Ringle
Linda Morgenthaler

pro path mentor

Linda Morgenthaler
Bradley McKee

Pro Path Mentor

Bradley McKee

Pro Path Facilitator

Rob Schnirman

Director of commercial gyms & Pro Path Mentor

Steve Wickes

View the entire Pro Path Curriculum

Yes, you got that right. You can view the entire curriculum for the Pro Path course right now. This is what our team of mentors individually takes each Pro Path gym through, and is what allows us to confidently develop your business with you. 

If you'd like to schedule a call with someone on our team to talk more in depth about the Pro Path Curriculum, click below!

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