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Immersive Sales Training Live Event

At the Immersive Sales Training Live Event, you're going to get very useful, uncomfortable practice in:
  • Nailing down your bell curve for the ideal client problem you solve
  • Building your local referral network
  • Setting and communicating boundaries
  • Executing a high-value discovery call
  • Leaving every consultation knowing you were complete
  • Using an impact filter to sell
This event will include a combination of short lectures, small group work, role play, and hot seats. Before choosing to attend this event, it is essential that you are prepared to get challenged in front of a room of your peers, emotional from frustration, and held to a standard you have never even considered for yourself before.

Spots will be capped to allow for interaction

There’s life before the live sales event, and there’s life after.
I learned more about myself in 2 days than I had in 2 years, and that gave me the confidence and the tools I needed to thrive.

Hugo romero, AL-P

I have almost entirely taken over the sales role at Lark since the event. In that time, I have sold a little over $15,000 worth of sessions.

What didn’t expect to say is that the sales I’ve been able to close as a result of the event are not the most valuable outcomes. Having sat in A LOT of discomfort, the biggest thing I learned is how to have deep and meaningful conversations with people, to understand them better. This has improved the way I talk to other coaches in my gym, as well as the way I communicate with my wife. These skills are what I am most thankful for.

Josh Perryman, AL-P


  • Thursday October 26th through October 27th


  • Active Life HQ, Long Beach, NY


  • $1500 or 2 payments of $750
  • Payment plan only available until September 25th

Your Hosts:

Dr Sean Pastuch
Dr. Sean Pastuch
Larry Gaier