What a professional can do that a hobbyist can’t



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You’ve seen this before👇

You have a client who seems to be late for everything. They rush in, frantic to change their shoes and get started in the warm-up, and they always have an apology ready when they make eye contact. 

What’s your response?

For most people, the gut reaction is to provide some kind of correction, scolding, shaming, or even good-natured ribbing layered on top of genuine frustration. 

Brad McKee, an @activelifeprofessional team member and owner of @velocitybarbell shared a powerful insight on this situation.

“I have been working with our team on how to have more empathy with clients who can elicit frustration from coaches at times. Instead of being frustrated by a client being late, when the client walks in, generally apologizing, we simply say,

 “There is no need to be stressed; we are just so glad you are here today.”

…I met a client for coffee on Monday (single mom of three), and she got emotional when she mentioned how much it has meant to her that we always welcome her rather than making her feel bad like her old CrossFit gym used to.”

Small moments massive impact.”

Massive impact indeed.

This is what happens when you zoom out and focus on providing professional service with exceptional value to PEOPLE rather than a number that makes a monthly deposit in your bank account. 

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