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Earn financial and time freedom doing meaningful work helping others

Active Life Professional (ALP) mentorship is unlike anything you've experienced before. Forget about getting mentored in a big group, this is true, professional mentorship delivered one-on-one. To find out more, read on, or schedule your call right away to be connected to one of our relationship specialists.

ALP Program

Get To Know ALP Coaching

The Active Life Professional (ALP) program is the tip of the spear.

When you become an ALP candidate you join a community of professionals dedicated to building fulfilling careers. In following this path you will be part of the mission to create an entirely new industry.

Develop the skills and enhance your ability to assess, program design, and coach your clients. Learn to navigate the healthcare system to garner professional referrals. You'll also learn how to communicate and market effectively, all while ethically earning an income you are proud of. 

Take a look at the building blocks of your new career...


Step 1 - Fill us in 

Share a little about yourself so that our team can be prepared to speak with you in a helpful way.


Step 2 - Speak with our team

Schedule a time that fits conveniently in your schedule to meet with one of our relationship specialists who can determine whether we should help you or make a referral to a trusted resource.


Step 3 - Mentorship 

Our team works collaboratively on your behalf. Each client is assigned a team leader who makes sure your plan meets you where you are.


Step 4 - Coursework

With your mentor in place, we move onto the Core Curriculum coursework. This is broken down into 5 key areas:

  • Assessing & Programming
  • Business & Financial Literacy
  • Coaching Excellence
  • Ethical Sales
  • Marketing

The ALP Core Curriculum is totally unique and teaches you not only the technical requirements for effective coaching, but the essential skills of putting the coaching into practice within a thriving, valuable business. Your business. 


Step 5 - Build a business

No need to wait until you complete the education to start helping people. Get to earning an income using your new skills within your first six weeks. 


Step 6 - Community

Learning any new skill is hard. It takes dedication and aptitude. Your mentor will be invaluable in guiding you through the learning process, but as an ALP student you will also become part of a private, thriving community of other students, just like you. 

You'll learn from other coaches that are putting the coursework into action. What works best, how to deal with challenging clients, the best way to assist a client with an unfamiliar medical history. With hundreds of active members, you can be sure to receive peer-to-peer support alongside your team of mentors. Just imagine what a difference it would make to never feel alone in your coaching business, ever again. 

What is your coaching REALLY worth?
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This tool is so simple, all you need to do is plug in a few numbers.

If you price your services too low, aside from not generating a meaningful profit, your clientele will falsely perceive that your service isn’t valuable.

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Our clients say it better than we do...

Justin McClintock

Feel Strong Fitness

Justin McClintock was a part-time group fitness coach who gave up a "normal job" to pursue his dream of helping people, full time. He became frustrated because he couldn't help his classes and clients and his career was stagnant. Here's Justin's journey from part-time to Active Life Professional (ALP)

Welcome To Your New Support Team

Get to know the ALP team at Active Life. Here, ready to transform your coaching business!
Mary Banks

Chief Strategy Officer

Mary Banks
Natana Flynn

Pro Team Lead

Natana Flynn
Linda Morgenthaler

ALP mentor

Linda Morgenthaler
Kalin Ashby

ALP Mentor

Kalin Ashby
Melissa Capurro

ALP Mentor

Melissa Capurro

ALP Mentor

Laura Mooney

ALP Mentor

Ashley Crocker

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