Our Story

We have yet to meet a person who wants to increase their reliance on medication, eliminate more activities in their life that they enjoy, or keep working the job that sucks the life out of them. 
We have all searched for the answers to our most vexing lifestyle questions, only to find our options overwhelming, incomplete, unreliable, and lacking empathy. 
After exhaustive search, attempted collaborations, and endless trial and error, we decided the solutions we are all looking for simply do not exist. 
So we decided to become them. 
Active Life Team

Our Mission

You deserve a life, well lived.

Empowered thought. Physical freedom. Emotional Well-being

Our Leadership Team

Dr Sean Pastuch

CEO & Founder

Dr. Sean Pastuch

Mary Banks

Chief Strategy Officer

Mary Banks

Dr Ryan Summers

VP of Coaching Operations

Dr. Ryan Summers

VP of Sales & Relationships

Nick Stram

VP of Project Management

Samantha Hirsh

Our business in numbers...

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Years of experience

Gyms Mentored

Customers served!


Years of experience

Coaches Trained

Customers served!


Years of experience

Individuals Free From Pain

What our clients have to say...

Pro Path Gym Owner
Mike Demarco

From the day we joined Active Life our finances are to the moon.  For seven years, it was just a net in out... money in, money out.  Since we signed up with Active Life we are 3.5x the day we signed up.

Mike Demarco

Motives movement

AL-P Coach
Ashley Crocker

Since joining Active Life my whole life has changed... my income has doubled.  I'm making $6-7000 a month which is amazing.  I never thought I'd be making that kind of money in such a short time... I have a much better work life balance and overall I'm just so much happier.

Ashley Crocker

courage fitness durham

RX Client
Sheila Rixon

I haven't missed a day at the gym since I started with Active Life.  It's been six-plus months now and I don't hesitate to pick up something off the floor.  Instead of getting strong around the issue I have a coach that's truly addressing what needs to be addressed both injury-wise and in me as a person.

Sheila Rixon

Individual rx client

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